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Brick lights are recessed within the brick work to remove trip hazards also making the slimline finish look a lot more stylish. They can be used in stairs, low level outdoor walls for effect, pathways for marker lights for a better visual in the dark and many other aspects of outdoor lighting. Available in many finishes shapes and sizes the most popular is the rectangle led bricklights. LED technology has a longer lifetime than other types of lighting with lower maintenance costs and better output of light, they are best sellers on SELdirect.

Decking Lights

LED Decking lights are used for very similar reasons as the brick lighting, the low cost LED illumination is used with great effect in wooden decking and outdoor buildings such as sheds and cabins. Most decking lights are LED so when using them in wooden surfaces there is very little heat consumption. If you’re looking to decorate your garden then look no further than decking lights and also check out our range of spike lights and ground lights which blend in well when illuminating large parts of the garden amongst trees and flowers.