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Table & Floor Lamps

Table And Floor Lamps

Nearly every room in the home has ceiling lights, some decorative or maybe spotlights / downlights lighting all of the room. However sometimes setting the mood in the room needs different types of illumination, ceiling lighting can be too bright when you want to change the mood of a space.

Table Lamps and Floor Lamps are a great way to change the lighting feel to a room concentrating light in one area, maybe for specific tasks without turning the main light on and with our great selection of lamps you can be as energy saving as possible with our new LED bulbs range.


Table lamps are used all over the house for example bedside lamps are great when reading at night. Desk lamps when working late at night and floor lamps when watching a movie without the full beam of the ceiling lights for a cosy feel. Our range includes different styles contemporary and traditional lamps big to small lamps also matching wall lights and ceiling lights are available to keep the look consistent throughout the home.