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LED Downlights


More and more businesses and family’s are using LED Downlights. The average household can save up to 5 tonnes in CO2 emissions by replacing their incandescent or halogen lamps with LED alternatives.


Results based on a recent study, comparing a halogen MR16 and GU10 50 watt downlight to a LED alternative, found that you will use 24 halogen lamps compared to using 1 LED lamp lasting 50,000 hours.


The huge benefit with LED Downlights is you will be saving money on your electricity bills, home owners with a family that are looking to live in their home until the kids are older may not have to change a light bulb the whole time they are living at the property. Saving money will not just be on your lighting bills it will also save on electrician bills for installation and the convenience of no trips to the local store once a month.


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