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Fire Rated Downlights


If you've got Downlights installed within your home, it is best to find out whether or not they have a fire rating. Fire rated downlights protect against the spread of fire in a property. They're created to abide by building regulations, ensuring the safety of you and your family. The cost of the safe Fire Rated Downlight is a little more expensive than an ordinary downlight but the safety out ways the cost of rebuilding your home due to a fire and not forgetting to mention the safety of your family.

Fire Rated Downlights protect against heat & flames from transferring throughout the ceiling for as long as 90 minutes. There are different ratings such as 30 and 60 minutes but here at SELDirect we stock the highest 90 minute fire protection, keeping our customers safe.


How Do They Work?

Fire Rated Downlights are built with expandable components, which close the hole when hitting a specific temperature. This will help to protect against the fire spreading to higher levels of the building.


Installing Fire Rated Downlights

The correct size hole is cut into the ceiling of the room and then mounted inside fitting the fire rated can above the ceiling, safety clips keep the Downlight in place preventing space between the ceiling and light completely sealing the hole.
Installing Fire Rated Downlights should be left to the professionals, a qualified electrician. Working with electricity can be highly dangerous so please take care, if you seek advice of an electrician look at our suggested electrician’s page to make contact with a professional covering all parts of the UK.


Building Regulations


It is safe to install Fire Rated Downlights anywhere you can but certainly where there may be a fire exit or escape route above. The Electrical Safety Council (ESC) recommends that all Downlights ought to be fire rated when installed in ceilings including all types of buildings and properties.


All electrical installation on any type of building residential or commercial property has to be made out to Part B volume 1 and volume 2 regulations. Volume 1 is for domestic and volume 2 is for industrial buildings.


Here at seldirect we stock many types of Fire Rated Downlights, mainly focusing on new LED technology. When deciding to purchase Downlights there are many things to consider, safety being the most important. Firstly, purchasing the correct Downlights for the right areas and rooms in the house is vital. Next is to choose the voltage, 12v or 240v, this is something you may want to decide with your electrician. Finally, to stay with the high wattage halogen or go green with LED and save yourself money on your energy bills. Now the fun part, choosing the colour to suite your interior, the shape or maybe adjustable to point out a nice feature on a wall perhaps. There are many choices and to help you choose we have made an easy search on the left hand side of each category to help you make the right decision.


Points To Remember


Colour - To match your interior. We have Polished Chrome, Satin Chrome, White Brass, Black Chrome and many more.

Shape - We stock round and square downlights, take your pick.

Room - Remember to be safe! If you're installing downlights into the bathroom, IP65 needs to be installed in the correct zones. (See more here about bathroom zones)

Material - This is preference and if you’re on a budget, Pressed Steel Downlights are slightly more cost effective

Halogen Or LED? - We recommend LED, it is the future of lighting! Lowering lighting bills and lasting up to 50,000 hours per lamp.


Voltage - This may be down to your electrician and what he prefers to install.

Beam Angle - Fixed or Tilt? If you want to aim the lights at a feature, you may want to install Tilt Downlights


Lamp – Please note all of our GU10 LED Lamps are compatible with all of our Fire Rated and Non-Fire Rated Downlights and have been tried and tested in house.