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12V Halogen Downlights


We have a stylish range of 12V Halogen Downlights. In stock we have Non-Fire Rated and Fire Rated Fittings with many contemporary finishes such as polished chrome, satin chrome, black chrome, white and brass.

Our knowledge on Downlights is second to none from LED Downlights to 12V Halogen Downlights. Our Downlights consist of a fixed beam, tilt beam and bathroom version so we can provide illumination for any room in the house. With robust long lasting materials, die cast aluminium and pressed steel, the quality of product is very high. 20W, 35W and 50W Downlights are available and with the easy search on the left hand side of the category, we have made it simple for our customers to find what they are looking for.

We provide all the installation products such as junction boxes, choc blocks, connector strip and 12v transformers to make sure our customers can purchase everything they need in one easy shopping basket.


Low voltage recessed Downlights have progressed over recent years and can be applied in many imaginative ways. It is usually applied as a safe option in vulnerable areas of the home like bathrooms and en-suites. It can be used to create an ambiance in a bedroom, living or dining area. Low Voltage Lighting is broadly available on the market as its quick and easy to install.


Low Voltage Downlights consist of Halogen 12V MR16 lamps that provide a crisp bright light far better than that of conventional lamps. They also need 12V transformers to function.


Installation and Transformers


Low voltage transformers can help to reduce energy consumption by up to 60% also increasing the lamps life.

At SELDirect we stock branded Halogen Lamps such as Philips and other known brands, fitting them into our Downlights for a higher quality light output. They also have special mirrored reflectors and sealed fronts to allow them to be used safely in bathrooms. Diachronic lamps have reflectors which provide an excellent crisp light output making them perfect for showcasing areas and specific focal point or paintings.


Household Lighting is generally broken down into three categories; Specific Lighting, Task lighting and General lighting. General lighting provides all round illumination to an entire area or even room. Task lighting, is used for reading, sewing etc as well as the general lighting to help visualize certain objects. Specific Lighting, as the name suggests, is Lighting for a specific purpose such as picking out a painting or focal point in a room without flooding the surrounding area. When creating your lighting atmosphere think of the area and what activities you may do in the rooms or areas of the room. All rooms require a level of general lighting, you can add dimmer switches to change the atmosphere to suit your mood or time of the day.


When choosing Low Voltage Downlights for a complete room you may wonder how many to install. Each room is going to need a different light output. SELDirect's suggested guide - 1 x 20 Watt Halogen Downlight per square meter or 1 x 50 Watt light per 1.5 square meters. Allowing half a meter in from the walls of the room. All transformers sold by SELDirect are dimmable and can be controlled with a dimmer switch.


12V Lighting transformers are normally hidden in the ceiling void and it is crucial to make sure they are in a well-ventilated area. Never cover them with insulation or put them near heating pipes, as Halogen Lamps drive the heat backwards. All transformers have a safety thermal cut out that will work when the transformer temperature becomes too high. The transformers also have an automatic reset device that will instantly reset when the temperature cools. We also sell a fire hood for non-fire rated downlights so you can keep up with safety regulations and prevent a fire.


Bathrooms have different regulations and need certain IP ratings in each zone of the room. The current regulations state a bathroom is divided into four separate zones. For more information on bathroom zones and regulations click here