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Downlights, also known as Downlighters and recessed spotlights are lights that fit flush with your ceiling. These lights take advantage of your ceiling void and add a clean, smart, and modern look and feel to any room.


Upstairs, Downstairs, or No Stairs

Depending on the room you would like to install your downlights in you may require non fire rated donwlights or fire rated, if you’re unsure if you need fire rated down lights or not just ask yourself this question. Is there a living space above the room you are installing your downlights? If the answer is yes then we recommend and in most cases you’re required to install fire rated downlights.


Bathroom or other room

Now if you are looking to install downlights in your bathroom you will need IP65, this also depends on the zone you will be installing your lights in, take a minute to look at this link, if you will notice there are 3 different zones although with IP20s you are limited to zone 3 , IP65 Downlights will work for you in all 3 zones. If you’re installing your lights in a kitchen or other rooms in your home you can safely use standard IP20.


Fixed Downlights or Tilt Downlights

The difference between fixed and tilt downlights are simple. The fixed beam downlights once installed cannot change direction whereas the tilt downlights can be angled to change direction of beam for example to pick out a feature or painting on a wall.


Lamp or Bulb Type and Wattage

When choosing the lamp types you require you must first think about do you need a bright light downlight or a soft light downlight, are you looking to have a dimmable downlight to set the mood and are you looking at making the switch to LED downlights that use less electricirty and will save you money on your lighting bills.