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LED Lighting

SELdirect has been quick to showcase its LED and low energy lighting products now being one of the leading brands in the UK and the majority of Europe. We provide all our customers with a great delivery service, quality certified products and a very experienced team with many years of experience in the electrical lighting industry.

Help save the planet and the pennies with one easy change to LED energy saving lights.

LED is a short phrase for Light Emitting Diode, which is a new technology developed in the middle of the 20th century. LED technology does not produce anywhere near the amount of heat than incandescent and halogen lighting and the energy efficiency is close to 100%. With the long lasting lamp life LED lighting is certainly here to stay. Here at SELdirect our team is very experienced with the latest LED technology only selling quality products certified tried and tested to a high standard.

LED lamps can replace every old traditional style halogen or incandescent lamp in every house hold and commercial property. Saving money on your lighting bills and helping the world save tonnes in CO2 emissions is a thing of the future with the new technology lasting up to 50,000 hours LED is here to stay.

Changing to LED technology is a money saving investment its simple make the switch.