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AigostarUK, a global lighting brand, is a large ambitious business supplying high efficiency, energy saving LED luminaries to the wholesale and trade markets also supplying specified projects.

Our reputation is based on the reliability and functionality of our service and work ethic. By offering product guarantees, technical support and dedicated customer service. We also offer online accounts were you can login to place orders view stock levels and specified pricing.


The team behind Aigostar have over 25 years combined lighting experience involving product development, design and testing to make sure our product is specified to the highest standards meeting the correct regulations to provide our customers with great product. We are soon to be the forefront of low energy efficient lighting technology.

Aigostar truly believes that we as a company have a responsibility to protect the environment in which we operate. Day to day we are moving forwards to find more energy efficient ways to create new and improved products staying committed to improving environmental performance.

At the moment the company has backing from Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, The Netherlands, Germany, Finland, Denmark, Poland, Russia and other European countries and regions. In the near future, we’ll explore more European and North American markets.

Three core values of AIGOSTARUK


Product guarantee’s giving confidence to our customers that the Aigostar brand is that is durable and here to stay.


We have a professional technical support team, that provides a full rang pre-sales and post-sales services.


We pursue innovative ideas, dare to explore new areas and develop new products.

Three Competitive Advantages of AIGO

Adequate Inventory

Aigostar warehouse is more than ten thousand square meters.

Advanced system management

We have an advanced order management system to ensure the accuracy of every order.

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